Repacell (Facebook Management, Facebook Ad)

Repacell Facebook

Facebook Management – Aprilis not only helps our client to manage their facebook page, prepare the posting content, but also advertise the facebook page to promote their brand, promotional activities and recruit more no. of fans.

Repacell is a Germany brand who focus on Anti-aging cosmetic brand, they aims to produce anti-anging products for the ladies to keep young. To reach their potential customers, Repacell setup their counter at Central, Admiralty’s Harevey Nichols and The One Beaury Bazaar Beyond Beauty. As Repacell has just entered Hong Kong market for a short period, there’re not many local people know this brand. Therefore, we help them to setup a Facebook page to promote their brand and campaign in order to increase their revenue.

Facebook is a social platform which could reach different customers in a convenient way, promoting in this platform cost less and more effective than traditional platform such as TVC and magazine. If you want to promote your company or brand in a cost effectively way, why don’t you start to promote in or Facebook?



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